We bought the remaining inventory of the RichMan’s Toys Radio Controlled Batmobiles many years ago. Through the years we have run out of a few of the original parts and have either replaced them or eliminated them.

There are not any of the original boxes left and the hubcaps have been eliminated. The radio system has been replaced with a 2 Channel Pistol Radio. The chassis and body are the original parts. The rear drive has been upgraded to a direct drive system. The transport case and light kits are long gone. The RTR versions do have the original manual.

RichMan’s Toys were going to release a kit version of these Batmobiles. They never did because their contract with Warner Bros. and DC Comics expired. We purchased the entire remaining inventory from them and are assembling them with electronics (stock motor, mechanical speed control and radio system) as a RTR for $219.99, assembled without electronics but with a stock motor for $139.99, assembled without any electronics for $119.99, and a NEW Black Nite version RTR with electronics (stock motor, radio system, ESC that will handle down to a 12 turn motor), and Black Rims and Turbine Features for $259.99.

We do not have any other pictures at this time beyond what is on this web site.

We have replacement parts. The upgraded direct drive system uses a 32 pitch spur gear and pinion gear on a Mabuchi 540 motor. It uses a hardened steel driveshaft and an aluminum gear adapter to mount the spur gear to the drive shaft. The original drive gear was a planetary gear system. Those are no longer available. In the ten years we have been selling these vehicles we have never had anyone ask for replacement direct drive parts except pinion gears or spur gears. They are available for $4.99 each for spur gears and $3.99 each for pinion gears. The front steering parts are made from Team Associated pan car parts (i.e. 10L, 10L3 or 10L4). The other internal parts are all aluminum and we have never had to sell them because they don’t break.

The radio parts in the RTR version are am pistol systems. The speed control is a mechanical wiper style speed control and can be upgraded to any 1/10th scale electronic speed control in the market today if you wish to do that. The mechanical speed control comes in the RTR version only. It has a white Tamiya style battery plug on it and the vehicle is powered by a 7.2 volt battery. With the Mabuchi 540 motor, mechanical speed control and a 7.2 volt battery this R/C Batmobile has a speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour.