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Featured Item

T Maxx Large T Maxx tra4907 L

Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3. This brutal Maxx responds to the call with a huge stance; tough backbone; and wicked, tire-searing performance.


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Nitro Revo

5309 Traxxas Large pic

Large Revo Large Revo Compare

Large Revo

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 Ultimate Nitro Monster Truck
  • NEW Traxxas Stability Management™ (TSM)
  • TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Traxxas Link Wireless Module
  • Traxxas Stability Management
  • Factory Installed Telemetry Sensors
  • OptiDrive® ­Reversing Transmission
  • Rechargeable Receiver, EZ-Start®Batteries and 2-amp DC Peak Detecting Charger Included!
  • Bigger, Tougher, More Versatile Than Ever!

Part # TRA53097-3


T Maxx

T Maxx Large T Maxx tra4907 L

T Maxx chassis T Maxx chassis

Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3. This brutal Maxx responds to the call with a huge stance; tough backbone; and wicked, tire-searing performance. T-Maxx brings it all together and unlocks a whole new level of­ monster thrashing­ potential. Go ­faster, jump higher, and let your creativity find new forms of torturous off-road pounding. The T-Maxx 3.3 is stronger, bigger, and meaner right down to its monster core.


  • Traxxas Stability Management
  • TQi 2.4GHz Transmitter with Traxxas Link Wireless Module and Receiver
  • Ready-To-Drive® with included AA battery holder and EZ-Start battery, charger, fuel-filler bottle, spare glow plug, precision tools, and more!
  • Factory installed telemetry sensors
  • Extended chassis, heavy-duty chassis braces, and transmission skid plate
  • Polished Resonator two-chamber aluminum pipe
  • Large high-volume dual-stage air filter
  • Tunable, sealed Revo-Spec front and rear differentials
  • High-torque digital steering servo
  • Heavy-duty servo saver and bellcrank steering system
  • Aggressive 6.3" Maxx-sized all-terrain tires
  • Mirror-Chrome 3.8" Hurricane wheels
  • Revo-Spec two-speed transmission and center driveline
  • Supersized Maxx body with fresh paint!

Part # TRA49077-3



T Maxx

Traxxas maxx

Traxxas Maxx chassis

Traxxas Maxx2


Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 Classic - The Traxxas T-Maxx® is the gold standard of Monster Trucks, setting the bar for performance and fun that all others aspire to. T-Maxx has built a proven reputation for delivering performance and fun that is simply unmatched. No other truck has received more awards and accolades. Truck of the Year.* "Best Nitro Truck," four years running.** The number 1, best-selling monster truck


  • TQ-3 2.4GHz radio system
  • TRX 2.5 Racing Engine with tuned exhaust system
  • 40+mph top speed
  • 3.8" Maxx tires mounted on Split-Spoke wheels­
  • Blazing new body graphics
  • Strength-optimized bulkheads and differential housings
  • Receiver box with blue-anodized aluminum crimp nut and charge jack housing
  • Shock towers that incorporate Revo-style body mounting posts
  • 3.2mm, blue-anodized, 6061-T6 aluminum chassis
  • EZ-Start® electric starting system
  • Eight oil-filled Ultra Shocks™
  • 2-amp DC peak detecting fast charger

Part # TRA49104-1

Part # TRA49104-1



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